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Beyers Koffie to transfer out-of-home activities to Miko

Beyers Koffie announced today that it sold its out-of-home business to Miko, a specialist in coffee service.

Beyers Koffie was founded in Antwerp in 1880 and has grown into one of the leading private label coffee roasters in Europe. Beyers Koffie operates from farm to consumer, has two production facilities and employs a total of 180 employees in five different countries. Today it is part of Sucafina, one of the largest farm-to-roaster coffee companies in the world.

Miko takes over the clientele and the assets of the out-of-home business unit, along with three sales executives. This will ensure the continuity of customer relationships and service. The turnover amounts to 2 million euros.

Cory Bush, CEO of Beyers, reports: “Beyers Koffie is known as an expert coffee roaster for the private labels of major retailers in Europe and beyond. That is why we are taking the strategic decision to transfer our existing 'Out Of Home' activities to Miko, so that we can focus on strengthening and growing  our core activities in the future. We are convinced that this will allow each company to better serve their respective key customer bases in the long run.”

Frans Van Tilborg, CEO Miko Group, adds: “We are pleased that with this acquisition we are further strengthening our position in the out-of-home market in Belgium. With almost 100 employees in the Belgian market who are dedicated to service we have developed a very broad service infrastructure and network of sales, logistics, engineering and after sales. This will help us to efficiently integrate the activities of our colleague Beyers and to provide a very good service to the customers.”

For the time being, little will change in the operational implementation. During January 2023 you can still use to place your order. If you have any questions about the above, we are happy to help you and you can contact your trusted commercial contact our reach out to us via the contact page.