Maintaining our company’s high standards regarding compliance with laws and regulations as well as integrity and ethics principles, we encourage everyone to speak up. If anyone wishes to raise a concern, we appreciate a transparent and direct “open door” communication approach. However we allow all stakeholders to raise concerns with the option to do so anonymously through “Speak Up”, our grievance and whistleblowing mechanism.

Grievance computer

Grievance mechanism

Beyers Koffie, part of the Sucafina Group, applies a grievance mechanism for handling complaints of all employees. Complaints raised by individuals or community groups in connection with the activities of our company and its contractors can also be submitted through the Speak Up grievance mechanism.

Whistleblowing phone

Whistleblowing mechanism

Whistleblowing is a specific process within Speak Up that allows employees to file a report when Beyers Koffie (or an agent or subcontractor of Beyers Koffie) breaches or could breach local or international laws or the Code of Conduct. The concern has to be of public interest. The process allows adequate protection of any whistleblower who acts in good faith.

Speak up your concerns

How to submit a concern on Speak Up? Simply go to speakup.sucafina.com and choose between the web intake method or to call the toll-free phone number for your country. The phone lines and webpage can be used 365 days a year and both support your own language.